Episode 369: Petting Cujo

This week on The Enginerdy Show: Mr. Pold leads a review of Stephen King’s movieĀ Cujo. St. Jimmy keeps your phone secure. D’Viddy cancels all sports.


Mr. Pold – 6 Underground, Hitman: Agent 47, The Expanse season 4, The Orville season 1, Children of the Mind, The Road Chose Me

St. Jimmy – Spenser Confidential, How to Get Away with Murder season 2

D’Viddy – Spenser Confidential, Freaks, HermitCraft, Thundercats: The Return

Music Provided By:

Greg Gibbs / Most Guitars Are Made of Trees

Alec’s Band / Well Water

Color Kings / Black Box

Gringo Star / All Y’All

Inlets / Pictures of Trees

Jowe Head and the Celestial Choir / Cake Shop Girl

Monk Turner / Bad Luck

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