Episode 381: Nerd Meals

This week on The Enginerdy Show: Mr. Pold and Master Z discuss their favorite meals to cook. St. Jimmy gets tied up with Knot Theory. D’Viddy visits the International Space Station aboard Crew Dragon Demo-2.


Mr. Pold – The Last Airbender, Gemini Man, Self/less, Rocketman

St. Jimmy – The Twilight Zone season 5, The Expanse season 3

D’Viddy – The Flash, The Aeronauts, The Boondock Saints, Ip Man 3, Kingsman: The Golden Circle , Shadow season 1, Hotel Artemis, Promare

Master Z – Minute Physics, Everyday Astronaut, I Am Legend, Dublin Murders

Music Provided By:

Greg Gibbs / Most Guitars Are Made of Trees

Alec’s Band / Well Water

Karina Buhr / Nassiria e Najaf

The Clientele / Impossible

The Gays / Out of Love

The Golden Hours / My Feet Beneath the Water

Winston / Valse Catastrophe

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