Episode 368: Bucket of Larva

This week on The Enginerdy Show: Mr. Pold sings about the Corona virus. St. Jimmy tries to get everyone to sleep on time. D’Viddy uses moth larva to clean up plastic garbage.


Mr. Pold – Lucy, The Expanse season 3, Ad Astra

St. Jimmy – The Simpsons season 2, Aladdin

D’Viddy – Ninja Assassin, Hunters, Altered Carbon season 2, The Invention of Lying, Pirates of the Caribbean

Music Provided By:

Greg Gibbs / Most Guitars Are Made of Trees

Benjimanji / Hurt Me

Daily Khaos Delivery / Cosmic Yell

Dumbo Gets Mad / Plumy Tale

Section 27 / The King’s Betrayal

Talk Less Say More / Honest

Winston / Valse Catastrophe

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